Brains Unglued- Reflection of Written Memories

Where wilder

Things roaming

Took over my brain

The horrid memories


Blurred discontent

Strange in my head

Mostly forgotten

Years at a time

Then look an old writing

The memories again

What was I smoking

Where were my brains

A zombie begotten

Rare strange brain

Feelings confused

A past life of rotten

Shared in recluse

How far I have come

Milestones to report

No longer

I’m caught in

Spinning the loops

That no one sees or cares to remove

Now seeing clearer what others refuse

For their thoughts were brighter

Without brains unglued


Tim Edwin B.


I found an old piece of writing that I wrote about 5-7 years ago while manic. It was all over the place and deeply troubled but at the same time almost genius in a way. I forgot how badly I felt then. It was a bit of a wake up call and now I feel I should not be so hard on myself, seeing as how I am able to go the whole day without doing anything ‘crazy.’