Getting Ready For Apple Pencil

Already, I am seeing how the iPad Pro is going to help me and my artwork. I have been working on setting things up for when I finally get the Apple ‘Pencil’- A very much coveted stylus built specifically for this new iPad Pro.

I am transferring a lot of images from my desktop and putting images in the right file type specific to apps on this here computer thing. I can actually see what I am doing when I am painting on this thing. At 12.9″ diagonally, I am able to get an accurate depiction of what I am working on and the ability to actually draw onscreen has me excited. A stylus that can do all the pressure sensitivity that a full out wacom Cintiq can do, is promising.

I won’t be able to really dive in until I get the stylus, but I am Very excited to see how it will develop. I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos about this combo and almost everyone is at least very impressed with its ability to make art. Though there are not that many professional art apps, what is available seems to be usable for print quality work. The processor is fast and nimble and responsive and large file sizes don’t even phase it.

At first, the iPad was moving a bit slowly, but as I used it more and more, it sped up significantly. The screen is super sharp and clear and watching movies and YouTube videos is fun. I feel I am able to immerse myself into a whole other world. I was using a kindle fire tablet before this for basic computing (Internet, videos etc). The screen on my kindle is so much smaller than this iPad that I had to strain to see what I was looking at, and trying to make art on it was a nightmare.

I was forced to use my desktop, which is not the best setup for me. I have my desktop connected to an oldish tv. Tv’s are known for not being very accurate in terms of color management and clarity when used as monitors. Because my tv is so big, I had to sit across the room to comfortably use it. That was good for viewing movies and the like, but because I need glasses for distance, and because text is small on screen, I was straining to try and see everything clearly. With a larger screen I can hold in my lap, I am able to actually see exactly what I am working on and I feel like a huge weight has lifted off of me. I actually almost cry at it sometimes because it is basically a dream come true. One that I had in my head since I first heard of an iPad or tablet computer many years ago. I would dream about the day they finally make a product as capable as this thing I finally have.

I would have kept going on my digital art projects if I had a decent setup, but for the past year or so, I have mostly been working traditionally (with actual paints and paper), with a few exceptions for editing and trials of software. Now, I am able to make work happen. Work that has been sitting around untouched for years.

I am beginning to work on the first highly detailed oracle deck I started about 4-5 years ago. I did a lot of digital paintings for this card deck, but was never really happy with them and didn’t really share them at all. I am making each painting a consistent image size. Before, I had them all different sizes and didn’t know what size I wanted them to be. I was very green and didn’t know the correct ways to work. Because they are a set size now, some of the paintings need to be adjusted by adding more to the perimeter or cropping differently. Some of the paintings were in landscape format and some were in portrait. I am changing them so that they are all portrait aspect (longer vertically than horizontally.)

The process is a bit tedious and time consuming, but the payoff will hopefully be worth it. I added some basic colors to the edges of the nearly finished paintings with my finger so that when I get started actually painting over things with the stylus, and adding more to them, I will have a lay in of color to work with. So for now, I have an idea of where it will end up.

This is fun! Just using my finger is fun on this thing. I have never really been able to work on something half as nice as this. The original iPad 2 that I had years and years ago, was too small to really get much done and the styluses available then were  not pressure sensitive or tilt sensitive and were  basically useless for making quality art.

The anticipation is a bit nerve wracking, but I am enjoying where I am with it for now. Revisiting old paintings that were pretty much destined for the trash bucket, is interesting. My skill level is better now and I know better, smarter ways to work that will make it a breeze to get started on finishing. I am going to rework a lot of the images for a while and I will get started on images I planned forever ago. I feel good about the possibilities here and playing around with the ProCreate app without the fancy stylus is holding me over for now.

–Looking forward to more progress soon.

–I will post an update later.

Tim Edwin B.

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