Where I’ve Been

I’ve been working with my new iPad pro for the past few days. I got a lot done in a little amount of time, though not enough to post yet. If you have been wondering where I went to, I’ve been in digital drawing land- you know, the one where you don’t talk to anyone or do anything unless it involves digital painting.

I moved a bunch of old illustrations over to the ‘ProCreate’ app and have been testing things and getting ready to redo about 20 oracle cards with more to be added in the future. I have also moved about 20 pages of my second graphic novel “The Meditation” over to the pad. I started and nearly finished an illustration that I will post soon, complete with video that the app records while painting.

I am SUPER impressed with this thing. It is a huge dream come true. It’s what I wanted when I first heard about digital artmaking. I feel it is night and day comparison between iPad pro and anything else I have ever tried. As you can tell, I am geeking out fiercely here.

Stay tuned for more updates and hopefully some more posts of my artistry. I am having tons of fun here.


Tim Edwin B.


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  1. Wow!!! That’s cool you got the iPad Pro. I’m trying to decide between an iPad and an iPad Pro. I’m concerned the Pro might be too big. But I love the pen you can get for the Pro. Does the pen work as well as they advertise?

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