The Impact You Have – Angel Messages of Light- with divination and video




I apologize for the long absence from the blog. I have been taking time to work on the house and to clear my mind and energy.

I rolled some of the “cubes” or dice from my ‘Rory’s Story Cubes’ a game that is supposed to be used to come up with stories like a game. I think they serve a divinatory purpose as well, and that was my aim in pulling them. The images were of a fish, a tree, and a bee in that order. I decided to draw the panels for the comic strip with the same images in the same order and fill in the panels from there. The above is what I came up with. I also made a short little video of the drawing.



4 thoughts on “The Impact You Have – Angel Messages of Light- with divination and video

    1. If you are really serious about art, I would definitely get the iPad pro. You would have to decide how much you would use it etc. For some people, I am sure an iPhone might be more important. But for me, the iPad pro is an absolute must. And I would get the 128 gb model. I bought the 32 gb and it filled up really quickly.

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      1. I don’t make money from art, and don’t want to handle the shipping on etsy. I am debating trying print on demand for some of my better artwork, but tried 10 years ago with no sucess. I do art for fun. So debate if I should invest that much money. My sister says to try the pencil to see if it works for me before deciding.

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  1. I have been going back and forth with print on demand. I haven’t had much luck with it, but most of my work has been on illustration projects that take a lot of time.

    I would say, if you are serious about it, you will want it without a doubt. But if it is just a hobby or something for fun, it depends on your budget and circumstances because it is a big investment. That said, it is super fun and superbly made. I love it and wouldn’t trade it for just about anything (except for the larger storage model.) This is better in a lot of ways than the cintiq from Wacom, and the cintiq is way more expensive than the iPad pro. It is sort of a good deal but at the same time, not really cheap either.

    I would try it out beforehand too just to see if it is worth the cost for you. You may try it and fall in love with it and you may try it and wish to go back to pencil and paper, but I would guess you would probably love it, because most people do. I think it may give you a better impression and feel if you try it out at the store. Making an informed decision by trial can be the best way to start out a relationship with a new device.


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