Update-New Blogging Style

I put off time working on the blog for more of life. I wanted to break from the monotony of every day posting. I have a tendency to be a perfectionist and a workaholic at times. I know that I am making progress now, even though I haven’t necessarily been getting as much work done as while blogging.

It was nice, yet again, to break and get a better idea of where to go next with the blog and my work. I call it work because that is what it seems like at times, especially the idea that I feel I have to push myself extra hard to get only a fraction of what I am worth. That is what I have thought work and life purpose is for so long. And that is probably what most people think of it. I am not someone who should be saying what most people think, however.

It is good to try new things and good to view things from a different angle. When making art, there is the moment an artist has to step back and get a better view of the whole thing, in order to move forward.  If this blog is a piece of creative expression, breaks from the blog are moments to take in the whole deal.

I am rethinking the platform here. I don’t really want to do one thing for the rest of eternity, but I like this idea I came up with to combine creativity with divination. That is what this blog has been leading to for a while. The idea is to use divination to make art that is based on a “reading” type of thing. Pulling cards to base artwork off of is the gist.

I have already started something like this in the previous two or three comic strips.

I will not be making comic strips every day, but if the divination card pulls or methods of divination indicate the making of a comic strip, I will do that. I like the idea of fate being left to chance, (how much of a chance is something that is guided by heaven?) when making art.

I will try to incorporate videos- either screen grabs, or possibly live action over the shoulder type things, though I am still not clear on this.

I was never much of a divination expert, per se, but I did learn a lot over the course of this blog’s lifespan and after taking a course dedicated to divination by one of the leading oracle card creators alive today, I feel good enough and sure enough about it to move forward here.

I will start to post these divinely divined artworks after the start of April. I want to get some work together and ready before diving in full force, posting every day. I also want to be sure to have my finances in check and order some new supplies. So if anyone wants to recommend a card deck or other such divination method, let me know.

I will probably take it a bit slower than daily posts, but I think it is for good reason. Some works may take longer than one day to make and some days off for good behavior will be nice. With springtime here, I am feeling more and more inspired, if not only to enjoy the feel good-ness of comfortable weather.

I don’t know how many poems I will write, but perhaps that will come up in divination somehow. I am working on a dummy deck that may incorporate this in one of the cards. There are many ways to work poetry in, if you like that, so we will see how it goes.

I am also planning on offering services for people- either readings, or something like the mentioned divinatory art creation. I’m not sure how that will come about, but again, we shall see.

Of course, I still have a bunch of projects I have started and that need to be worked on, so there is that type of post that will come up. I will also want to just do readings every once in a while, so it will be nice to be able to have a platform that accommodates all of that.

I’m not getting rich doing this type of thing, so if you feel my work has value, please think of supporting my work on Patreon.