First Divination Art Prompt From A Kid’s Game- The Setup


To set this up a bit, I will say that I have been making my own oracles and divination methods for a while and have been making art for the majority of my 33 years here. I practiced giving readings to myself and read for others until I finally was able to get a certification course on card reading by Doreen Virtue. The course filled in all the blanks that I had from trying to do it all on my own mostly getting information through book reading and youtube videos. I learned the hard way and I feel I can give a fairly great reading now.

For a while, I was making art without any input from others and most of my time was alone. I made several oracles and am working on a tarot deck and other divination devices. I use a variety of decks and things to read from and I practice every day not only to develop my own products, but also to at some point give readings to others. Doing all of this on my own gave me unique insights that a lot of people may not have. The majority of my time is spent making art or at least thinking about making art. I have been getting more and more into illustration, but I do have a fine arts background as well. I made a graphic novel and have started two children’s books along with a couple more started comic books. I had a comic strip about angels going on this site, on and off, for a few years.

So I have a bit of a background in this type of work. The idea came to me to make art that was based off of a tarot or oracle card pull and I had previously experimented with non traditional methods of divination. Using a random set of inputs is something that is great practice for illustrators and artists who have to deal with clients wanting this or that and then having to make art based on unexpected requests.

I have decided to go with the original “Rory’s Story Cubes” to make art from. There are nine dice in the game, but I only used three for this first go. This, I don’t think, is the main intention of these dice, but it works wonders and helps creativity like sunshine helps plants.  The dice were designed as a party game to be used for storytelling. One person rolls a dice or two and starts a story based on the prompt and then the next person rolls another dice or two. There are numerous sets out now with different icons on each side of the die. There are add-on dice and jumbo dice and all sorts of topics and sets. I am using the original one and no, I was not asked to make art from these, I just have a natural interest in this.

I am making a digital painting on my ipad pro and as luck would have it, this was really fun and challenging at the same time. It is great to stretch the limits of my artistic mind and I am thinking this will be a godsend at developing problem solving skills. This is the type of thing I wish I had thought of way a long time ago.

I had a card deck started with prompts for artwork that is still in the making. I hope to get some work done on that deck soon and I may have a mockup made so I can work on pulling cards in the meantime. (Card decks take a long time for one artist to make because there are tons of paintings and work that has to go into one full deck). I want to get some more prompt paintings done soon. I like the idea of making art based on chance and it is great practice for an illustrator to come up with art based on someone, or in this case, something, else’s input.

This is the first attempt at this new blogging technique, for my return to blogging. Before this post, you can scroll down and see my old posts where I did a similar thing but only for my Angel Messages of Light comic strips. I was feeling all sorts of doubts and fears about making those comic strips. I felt it was too far out there or too far off of my path in terms of my usual interests. I felt the angel work was way ahead of its time in terms of my readiness for it, and I did not want to focus in on only angel artwork for the rest of my life. I will still post comic strips from time to time and I may post another in my next go round, but for now, it will be up in the air in terms of regularity. I have not been able to, in the past, follow a strict routine in terms of doing the same thing over and over again. I like things to be spontaneous and spur of the moment and I don’t want to stick to one theme all of the time.

It is good to try new things and I feel this method of divinatory inspiration will be a great challenge and something that will force me to think outside of the box that artists tend to get themselves into when there is no input from other people.


DISCLAIMER- I was not paid or compensated in any way to write this post, nor was I asked by anyone to do this. This was all done and paid for by me for my own personal interests.

Be sure to stay tuned for my final painting coming soon.


Tim E. Bush

Feel free to follow along and make art from the prompt on your own. I would love to see other people’s interpretations of this inspirational prompt.