Spirit Animals-Angel Messages of Light



Here is a comic strip that I started last year during the fall. I saved it until now, the spring in my area.

Every year, I notice these white butterflies. Everywhere I go, I see these types of small white butterflies. I always think of them as a symbol of purity and as a spirit animal, they seem to represent protection of the innocent. Not that I am all that innocent, but they mean something to me. My father joked one time that they only show up when I am around. I don’t know if that means they truly are a message from spirit, but it certainly seems like it has some sort of meaning, at least in my mind.

When I made this, I thought- “that’s it!.. I cannot make another comic strip- this is too touchy-feely even for me.” I was mad at myself for making something so uncool and cheesy.

This year, I found it after pulling some cards from my dummy oracle deck for artists. It indicated to make a comic strip that I could get done fast. It was the next in line for my divined artwork series of posts. I like this method of posting things based off of card pulls and dice rolls from various decks. It is a stretch for me to try this and a challenge that has been on my mind for a while.



I hope to post a finish for the previous post soon. I admit that I did not get any more work done on “Lucky Lou in Las Vegas” since the previous post, but it seemed I had some energies and thoughts and karma to deal with. I was a bit stressed out last week and had to deal with a lot of old thoughts and feelings and emotions, not to mention, I was tired. But I did procrastinate more than I probably should have. Taking time from the blog has made me want to rest more and take things slower. I think I like less stress and time to think more than I thought I would.

I guess that is all I have for now.  Hopefully future posts will be more frequent. I am dealing with a lot of past karma, but getting through it. Meditation is a godsend now and doing it daily has helped with so many things. Hopefully more progress will be made every day.

Thanks for taking the time to check out the blog and the artwork here. I hope to get to “Lucky Lou” next.

Tim E. Bush