Cleromancy And Tarot Dice-Reading At The End

Cleromancy is divination by means of throwing small objects in order to reach intuitive insight. It is known throughout the bible (mostly in the Old Testament) as a means to reach decisions (throwing lots). Cleromancy can be traced back to ancient times in various cultures. The most popular forms of cleromancy are dice divination and rune divination and the throwing of lots (as mentioned in the Bible.) Witch doctors, shamans and many other cultures would use bones and beans and rocks and various other small objects to reach a conclusion. It all depends on the way the objects fall and the diviner’s interpretation of objects.

It is a broad term and one that can encompass many forms of divination but all involve the interpreting of thrown objects. Of course the throwing is done into a small area right in front of the diviner. Some techniques involve  using a small circle or plate or any reasonably sized circle to throw objects into. The objects that fall out of said circle are either not used for the reading or carry different meanings (as in the reversals in tarot).

Some modern forms of cleromancy involve throwing onto mats with specific meanings in different sections of a small mat (about the size of a table placemat). If a certain object or die lands on a certain area, it will have different meanings. I am working on several projects like this now and I look forward to being able to create and share some of my work in the future. For now, I am looking into products that other sellers and creators make.

I have posted about my use of a children’s game with images on dice to divine from (Rory’s Story Cubes by GameWright.) I am in the process still, as some of you may remember, of creating artwork based on the roll of the Rory’s dice. One image that came up was an image of a die (a die on a die). IMG_0310

I have not finished the painting I was doing based on the above roll, but here is my progress—


While working on this, I was curious about the dice in relation to divination and how I had previously been looking into methods of dice divination (just because I have an interest in this.) The image above will be used for an oracle card deck that I am making (another form of divination.) So one type of  divination led me to create artwork for divination which in turn led me to find out some more info about another form of divination.

I ordered a few different types of cleromancy dice and for now, the one that arrived first was the Tarot Dice set by Tarotocy Inc. (no author mentioned on packaging.) This is a set of 13 dice with images representing all 78 of the tarot cards. I haven’t used them much, but I wanted to post some images up and try my hand at reading the dice (I chose only 3 to work with.) I have not read any of the booklet yet, but I am going to use my prior knowledge of the tarot to read from.



The set of Tarot Dice came in a long tube as shown above and there was a mat as well as a booklet that was rolled up in there. The mat is really nice and almost leather in texture. On the mat are placeholders for a tarot spread for all 13 dice. I am just going to pick 3 dice at random and read from that below.



I picked out the tarot cards  represented by the random dice I threw for  demonstration purposes. I believe any seasoned tarot reader will have no trouble figuring out the proper card that is pictured on each die.

I think this reading is really relevant to me in terms of my current mindset. The ace of wands shows a lot of passion and energy for what is at hand and the fool-like page of  wands can represent a playful almost naive sense about things. I guess I should take this stuff more seriously.. Lol.. And the temperance card signifies the need  for balance and tempering the mood. I think this shows my excitement about the dice and divination and my need  to take things a bit slower and take care not to overdo things. I have been doing a lot of divination work  lately and this can have an overload type of effect on me.

I am thinking that a lot of people today may be having issues balancing mood and emotions and thoughts. I think that the climate in terms of the general collective mindset can be a bit overdone in terms of a negative sense of humor, popular in entertainment in America at least. I feel this is signifying the need to balance our collective emotions on a grander scale. As a public reading and one that speaks to my own life and possibly my audience, I think this might very well be true today.

Passion and non-seriousness can be great and lots of fun, but not if it is at the cost of being out of balance. I suggest taking things slowly over the next few days and to take time for  self care while also following passions and having a good time. Seriousness is a good thing, but not all of the time. So there seems to be some people who need to have more fun and some people who need to be more serious. So whatever you are dealing with lately, try to find some balance in your mood and activities.


That is it for the reading for today. I hope to post some more cleromancy readings  soon and bring some new items onto the  site for everyone to see.

I had to put “Lucky Lou” on hold to work on other projects, but I do hope to finish it soon.

It seems the best way for me to blog now is about once or twice a week. I am adjusting to a new way of life and developing new images and items to make and share. Really, I was burning out nearly every day previously and definitely overdoing the blogging here. I like this slower pace and balancing the fun and hard work that I had before.


Take care, and feel free to send me a message if you are curious about my work. I know I have not been the most communicative with everyone here, but I am learning. I tend to use my personal Facebook as a means of procrastination. It is like a distraction that makes me think I am being productive. Trying to be a social network personality doesn’t seem to interest me right now. Developing products and taking time for myself away from the Internet seems to be my direction.

Have a great day and a great weekend. I am not sure what type of post will be next, but I did enjoy making this one.