Oracle Card Reading For 4-14-16

I wanted to do a reading from my oracle card deck, Minor Healing Oracle. I have made my own spread for this reading. I thought it would be good to have some sort of regular system to reading from these cards, and this layout came about naturally.

There are four sets of three cards, with one card underneath. Each set of four cards represents a challenge or aspect that you are working on at the moment. The three on top are the aspect or challenge and the single card underneath represents advice or guidance and outcome.


I will read from each set, one at a time, only flipping over the cards being read from before flipping the rest.

The first set of cards points to things having started out in anger with a lot of wild energy in the past. The past week or so may have been difficult and trying and tough to deal with. It seems that past events and karma have led you to overcome these difficulties. It is best to focus on other things that bring you joy and happiness at this time and to work on developing new thoughts, beliefs, ideas and projects.wp-1460663085240.jpeg

It is an earth based activity for us humans to dwell on difficulties and problems. People come here deciding to overcome obstacles and difficulties and to develop soul qualities that cannot be gotten anywhere else. Any past troubles/traumas that you have attracted do not mean that you are a bad person or that you have negativity to overcome because you did something wrong. It is just the way things are done here on Earth, and everyone has something to overcome and grow from in order to develop their better qualities. So any difficulties that you are overcoming now are only meant to develop yourself into a better person with higher qualities.

The difficulties from the past have inspired you to be who you are now and they lend themselves to urging you on and provoking you into action to solve any troubles you have experienced. If you did not have troubles in the past, you would not want to be better now or in the future. The troubles and hardships have led you to ask and want something better and to go for the glory of having and being a true higher being.

If you have any pets be sure to spend time with them and make sure they are happy with what they have as well. Animals have needs too and need to be taken care of by humans. If you are harming animals for sport or entertainment, it is time to stop and ponder why you may want to do this. Think of how you would feel if someone were attacking you for sport and joy without taking the time to appreciate your soul development and qualities. Animals are meant to be enjoyed by joining in with their joy and fun not by taking them over for your own personal needs.

Some of you may be contemplating vegetarian lifestyles. It is something I am grappling with at the moment as well. I feel I just don’t know enough about eating vegetarian and need to get used to that whole way of life. At the same time, I don’t want to push myself too much or mess with my biological system in terms of changing things up so much that it does harm to my body. I am putting the effort in now to learn things and to get in line vibrationally with not eating meat. If you know me, you know I have attempted this change several times. I do have to get used to it because it is a change in a big way in my day to day life. Past attempts for me have led me to feel very tired and drained; so if your system needs protein, don’t be too harsh on yourself. It is not an easy thing to change your whole food routine to something different. If you do eat meat, please think of eating only organic and free range animals. The least good we can do as humans who eat meat is to take care of the animals that give their lives for us.

If you are not ready to change everything around, maybe you are just not ready. Take it easy on yourself and go slowly and commit vibrationally before making any huge changes. Sometimes you have to feel and practice what you want to be while still taking part in the old. Slight and small changes here and there can add up to a big change eventually. If you want to be way out there and eat only raw veggies, try to eat one or two meals a week at first that only contain veggies. Make sure you are changing your inside world first before going all in and trying something completely different. If you rush too quickly into something new, often you revert back to your old way of life, whereas if you were to take your time changing, the huge shift will stick and you will be happy with yourself.

Evolving and growing as a human being sometimes involves coming from a dark place. Do not make yourself wrong for being what you may consider a lower being or a lower person. You have to start somewhere and you can always change at a pace that is comfortable for you, but please do stick to any urges you get to make yourself a better person. You will thank yourself later for making an effort, even if it feels like you will not make enough of a change now.

Spend some time alone and listen to uplifting music if that is what you need to make peace with the past and things that may have started awkwardly. Realize that things are ending in big ways for a lot of people. Large changes are happening on Earth and that includes the daily lives of people like you. You are a part of the changes happening on Earth at this time and self care at this time will alleviate any chaos that may be happening in your life. Give yourself some solitude and take the plunge and feel good about yourself as you make the changes you are guided to make.

You may not feel that lifting your energy to a higher vibrational place is a good thing, but it truly is. Even if you make small changes or give something new a chance once, you will be making progress. Sometimes a small effort now, even if you revert back to old behavior will allow you to finally make your life better when you get the idea to try again. Maybe ten or twenty years from now, you will look back at today and think- Maybe I should try again.

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