The Game has UV coating and Linen Card Stock Now- Brief Review


I recently put in an order for several of my oracle card decks from

The Game Crafter came out  with new card stock and a new coating about a month or two ago. I wanted to see what the new linen and uv coating were like and how they compare to the older stock I have from previous orders. I also wanted to have a few decks on hand to sell.

The cards seem a lot nicer and smoother than previous decks I have from TGC. They shuffle more easily while maintaining a better look to the images. They have a nice ‘spring’ to them and feel as I f they will not have a permanent bend in them like other cards. You can see in the following photos where the color from the older stock was a lot darker and dingier. The old cards are  on the top and the new cards are on the bottom.

One of the things I disliked about the older Game Crafter stock was the less than white card base. The ink seemed thin and the backing peeked through and it was not the best quality. This newer card stock is a lot nicer and really feels more robust and just smoother. The images are clearer and more in line with my intentions when creating the imagery.



I am very happy with the update, and while there is still some breaking in that the cards need before they really feel right, it is a big step up for TGC cards. I am guessing their cutting methods need some improvement, however, or else they should find a way to sand down the edges of the cards some more. I know from experience that it will just take a day or two of shuffling before they are free of rough edges so it is not a deal breaker and it is not the worst I have tried.

I am very happy with the outcome here.

If you are interested in purchasing the two remaining “Abstracted Divination” oracle cards, please send an email to