Progress In Two Paintings- 1 Digital -1 Acrylic



Last week, and the beginning of this one, I got  some more work done on “Lucky Lou in Las Vegas.” The process is really slow sometimes in developing paintings. I find it difficult to stick to one thing for too long  and I was taught or told at some point that an artist should have more than one or two things going at once. Having more than one project being worked on allows me to have a fresh view the next time I go back into work on a project. For instance, when you look at one image for too long, it becomes stale in your mind and seems the same thing you looked at a week ago without any new input.

Having a change in project allows me to see things from a new perspective each pinting/drawing session. I probably have another 5-6 hours worth of work still before this painting meets my specifications. It takes a long time to get the level of doneness I want.

I added more detail and changed the look of some of the aliens and I am still trying to come to a final idea of what most of the aliens look like. I added some more detail to the craps table to make it look more realistic and like a real craps table (I have never played craps so I don’t know how it works. I know you have to roll dice and certain numbers mean either a win or loss or something like that.)


I am getting happier with the outcome and feel it has a general finish, but still needs a lot of work to really send it home.

As a reminder, I rolled some dice from ‘Rory’s Story Cubes’-A story prompt game for children to get the idea for this painting. I considered this roll a form of divination called cleromancy which means divination by throwing small objects in front of you.

Here, again, is the set of images that prompted me to work on this.


I chose only 3 dice to work with out of the 9 that are in this set. I named the main alien “Lou”and decided that all of the aliens’ names should start with an “L” but I never settled on names for all of them. Lulu came up for one and maybe Leeeeyyyyyeeeeluu for the one with a lot of eyes, but that was about it. You an suggest names in the comments if you feel like it. lol.

After I got to the point above, I felt the urge to work on an acrylic painting that I was planning for a number of weeks. I had pulled cards from another oracle deck that is still in development and they suggested work on an abstract with waves and circles and in acrylic. I had not worked in acrylic in a long long time because I felt a negative attachment to the whole process. I was thinking I would commit to only digital because it was safer or less karma was involved with it. Something like that.

I posted previously about my first painting session for that painting. I got to about here—- before I stopped the first session.




I learned a lot about myself in the process and I felt excited to be able to face my demons and make this work again.

My next painting session was a little more difficult because I had received some bad news before painting. (I Really should have trusted my guidance not to check my email before working on this again).




Above is a photo of where I left it. It is in between where I want it to be and where I really do not want it to be. I missed the “Undo” button while working on this.  Digital art is very forgiving as a medium and has a much bigger allowance for mistakes. I was fairly satisfied with my efforts even if the outcome looks bad. I decided I should take a day or two off from painting and work on something else. Hopefully, I will be able to finish one or both of these paintings next week. I felt good about how far I got in working on these, but I get a little impatient when it takes so long to get that finish that I want to see. Sometimes I wish I could just think a painting into existence, but it takes a lot of work and perseverance to go all the way with things like this.

Thanks for following along and if you have any insight or comments, please let me know.

Tim E. Bush.