Cleromancy Reading With Alexandre Musruck’s Lenormand Dice

I have been following Alexandre Musruck’s work for a year or two and I do think he is extremely talented. He has many self published oracles, Lenormand and various other divination card decks as well as the Lenormand Dice set that I will be using today. Check out his website and Etsy shop as well as his YouTube Channel for more information.

I wanted to get a reading up today to continue with my Cleromancy theme. The Lenormand is a French oracle card deck that was made by Marie Anne Lenormand in the 1700-1800’s. She lived from 1772-1843 and was considered France’s most skilled intuitive. Her card deck was based on the 52 card playing card deck which most people are familiar with. Her take on divination involves 36 cards each with her custom meanings and numbers (She only used 36 of the standard 52 playing cards). This deck was published c.1799 according to Wikipedia.

There is a certain way to read with the Lenormand where you lay out all 36 cards in a specific layout called the Grand Tableau. Each position represents a “house” or a specific card in numerical order. When you shuffle and lay out the cards, you read based on what the card means and on which position in the layout each card lands on. So basically, each card has its own meaning and each position it lands in carries significant weight and influences the meaning for whatever card lands on the specific position. There are two interpretations for each card in the layout.

Alexandre designed a set of (6) 6-sided dice each with 6 images representing one Lenormand card in the deck. 6×6=36 cards. His set comes with a mat to throw the dice onto. The mat shows the layout and position on the Grand Tableau with meanings built in. On the back of the mat, or board are meanings for each card.



For this reading, I decided to use his mat and dice set.



This throw or outcome shows a man coming along to help you with a gathering or get together of some sort. He is the key to helping you get out and have some fun. He will talk with you about any difficulties and help you succeed in overcoming any hardships. It seems like you may need to talk with a male figure just to socialize and overcome any difficulties. Have a heart to heart chat with a friend to get past any misunderstandings or life difficulties. Sometimes just getting things off of your chest is the thing you need to make progress. This man, or person can be a therapist, clergyman, or any father or authority figure . The image shows a male, but since this is a general reading for a lot of people, it can represent a woman too. So any sort of friend or confidante that regularly helps you get past issues will help you to overcome any burdens now.

It feels like you are overcoming a lot of stress and difficult times and it seems that Internet or in-person groups are also helping with this. Maybe there is a man on the Internet or in a group setting that you want to talk to. Now is the time to make the move and talk to the male or female in your life that sparks your fancy. I keep getting male and this is odd because it is a general reading. Maybe there is just a strong emphasis on someone that is male, or female who has masculine qualities. Maybe you are getting past any difficulties you may have had with someone like this in your life.

I feel a date or rendezvous being in the cards for you soon. Someone whom you feel is “foxy” or attractive is on your mind and ready for any offers from you. The main thing I get with this reading is the push to go to some meetings or group gettogethers, even if it is on the Internet (maybe you are a part of a Facebook group or a forum of some sort) in order to make a connection and feel good about life again.

It is the perfect atmosphere for love to blossom and relationships to develop if you are in the northern hemisphere. The weather is nice and people are coming out of the house more to socialize and relieve any winter blues. If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, the same may apply as well. The weather and atmosphere play a critical role in the mood and emotional health of so many people.

Don’t worry about approaching someone for an offer for an intimate one on one meeting as it is a favorable time for this. If you are a man, someone may proposition you and make an offer of love to you. You may have to develop a strategy to approach a possible lover or friend in order for a good time to happen. Maybe you are alone a lot of the time and need to show yourself some self care and appreciate yourself for who you are and any difficulties you may be going through.

All in all, this is a great reading and one that shows the potential for love and heart to heart talks to get past traumas or difficulties you may be facing. Now is the time to have a fun time out with friends or to socialize in a way that is comfortable for you. Take any offers of love or friendship that come your way.

EDIT-DISCLAIMER- I was not asked or paid to write this . I just have a natural curiosity for this work . I bought and purchased this for my own personal use.

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