Cleromancy Tokens I Made For Readings-Reading Down Below

I made some 3D models a while back when I was working on “Lucky Lou in Las Vegas”, a painting that is intended to be used for an oracle card deck. In the painting, Lou is throwing dice in a craps game. I have  been interested in cleromancy ever since. Cleromancy is a form of divination using small objects thrown right in front of you. Intuitive abilities and psychic training allow for the user to interpret the objects  as a way to give a reading.

I wasn’t able to find a good source of information about this type of divination though I am sure it is out there. I did find some useful information, but nothing like what I was looking for. I decided to create my own items that can be used for Cleromancy.

It took a  while to get the 3D prints of the objects I made from Shapeways is a website where you can upload 3d models made in a 3D app or program. After a whole month of waiting, my items arrived yesterday and  I am pleasantly surprised. The effectiveness of the 3D prints  in regards to divination impressed me and I felt I had made something really useful. Of course, I have them for sale and if you are interested, you can definitely get your hands on a set of your own.

They work well enough for me that I am eager to give some readings with them. I will post a reading with them below. In the meantime, I wanted you to see the shop items and get a feel for what you may be walking into. I had fun making them, and now working with them. I don’t have all 7 yet, but I do have 6 out of 7. I made the 7th one after ordering. I wanted to get some different colors than I ordered as well, so I should be placing another order soon.

Shapeways offers a variety of colors and materials for a 3D print to be made from. You can choose any material or color you like and they will print them in a good amount of time. It is worth the wait for me. I love the way they turned out, they are strong, but light. They seem fragile, but there is more strength to them than you might at first think. They look great, though a bit more grainy than I would have liked. I am sure they will feel and look different with different materials. I am happy with them the way they are, though I do want to try some different colors. The effectiveness in giving readings with them is what I was really after

If you are interested in getting a copy for yourself, do check out my ShapeWays Shop.


Now for the reading—– A good shake and roll and here is the outcome—–>>>>




It feels like you may be feeling stuck or trapped where you are, wanting to get out but not really being able to. Perhaps there is something or someone blocking you. Maybe you are afraid of the new and other people’s opinions of you. Perhaps there is just not enough gas in the tank- literally or metaphorically.

Maybe this past week was a trial of some sort. But it feels more like wanting to leave a difficult situation, but having trouble starting. You have dealt with your shadows and feel they are almost insignificant while at the same time, feeling trapped in your situation. Love was perhaps lost on you, or distant or doesn’t really seem that important. It seems a distant concern, but really you keep people close to your heart. Maybe someone got into an argument with you or will soon. Maybe you just can’t see eye to eye with someone.

I feel you are giving someone the cold shoulder at times and they really don’t understand. Maybe you just do not have enough energy to allow the other person’s point of view into your thoughts, or perhaps they have let you down too many times in the past.

It’s like something new started that you heard about and you jumped right in, but you felt caught because you did not heave enough information. You were successful in your new endeavor, but it left you feeling a bit drained and like you cannot get out. I feel a car or vehicle being important to this situation. Like maybe you want a new car or someone else’s car is a problem for you. Maybe you just bought a new car or learned how to drive and you were excited, but it did not really turn out the way you had hoped for.

It feels like someone distant to you may be speaking positively of you without your knowledge. Maybe a distant relative or friend from another state is out there cheering you on. Maybe you feel a bit lost because you are not seeing the effects or benefits from someone far away from you. You maybe feel alone and confused, like “what is wrong with these people?”

You’re hearing a lot of talk about things that you may not like, but are releasing the concern about caring too much about what others think. Someone is distant to you because you were let down so many times. This is two sets of people who are distant. The ones closest to you are distant emotionally while a friend you care about is distant in physical location speaking kindly about you. I can tell all of this based on the positioning of the Cleromancy tokens. The heart shaped token is far off in the distance, away from the mass of items in the front. This shows that someone is far away from you in thoughts or location.

It feels like you may be stopping yourself from getting out and seeing the world because you may have car troubles or may need money for something new. It’s like you need cotton to fill your ears to block out what other people are saying or even for your job. Do you work around machinery or loud engines or some sort of music performances? Something loud and obnoxious either literally or metaphorically is stopping you.

Other people’s negativity is their own and is not for you to deal with. Your reaction to others is what should be focused on. It seems like you know this and still the other person is a nuisance. Let them be them, and you be you. If you really do have to move locations either for work or home, do it when you feel guided to. It feels like you’ve had the idea that you wanted to move or transition into a new career for a long while, but have not been able to due to difficulties with the spouse or someone in your life- perhaps a mother or sibling. You want to get out and knock these people to the curb, but you are stopped due to monetary issues or not feeling you are ready. It feels like you are developing inner strength and knowledge and developing your gifts in terms of how you relate to the world and the issues in it. Perhaps the nightly news is too much to bear at times and while distance can be a good solution sometimes, unless you really change your inner world and thoughts and vibration, you will never get away from the real issues.

Take the time for self care, but don’t stay away from the human race for too long. People need you to shine your light and though you are doing what is right for you if you retreat, realize you have to step out on your own at some point. Get out and away from time to time if only to clear your thoughts for fifteen minutes or so. Fresh air and freedom are the key. Get away from the troubles and difficulties in the world, but don’t hurt yourself. Sometimes you have to deal with difficulties in order to have the life you want, even if it seems your dreams are too far away. Even if it takes fifteen years to create what you want, you are best served working on it now. I know it can seem rough and tough and like the people in your life are out to get you, but you have to care about yourself enough to overcome difficult situations.


That is all I have for this reading. If you are interested in getting a reading from me, please check out my readings page and send me an email using the form.