Touching Base and My Work Ease

I just wanted to touch base with all of you here and let you know that I am okay and doing well. 
Despite my lack of posting, I have been busy working on my projects. I get new ideas and notions about what to make almost every day. I feel guided to do things that work well and I just feel inspired more often than in the past. 

My work feels easier and I feel I am getting better at what I do. Mostly because I am taking my time and doing things that feel light and easy, while also being productive. Things seem to come about easier than I ever could have imagined. Even though it is “Mercury Retrograde” , the notorious time of year that things don’t work, I am getting projects done and work done with much more ease. I do have blocks with my computer from time to time, but mostly when trying to upload and finalize things.
I will have my coloring book up and ready for sale on Amazon as soon as it gets proofed. I have been waiting for the proof to arrive for almost a week now and I can’t wait to see it and show it to all of you. I hope it comes out great so that everyone will be able to have some fun with it. 

I enjoyed the process so much I started work on a different project with a similar style of art. This style is super easy for me to get done and it inspires me just to know I can make viable products in a matter of weeks rather than years. I am learning as I go and getting work done on things that I have not worked on for a while. I am finishing things I started a long time ago and forgot about (The good side of Mercury Retrograde- getting things done that have been put on hold) 

I am practicing giving readings in the hopes of getting better at it. I want to give some quality readings. I hope to post one or two later this week. I want it to be in a way that comes about easily. I do feel my intuition is improving and that I am learning the ropes in a good way. “Progress every day and eventually there will be a way” has been my motto for the past few months and before. 

It helps to know that my efforts are paying off now and that things are going smoothly. Many times in the past it was not. Many times I struggled and suffered and pushed through so much turmoil and hell, to put it bluntly, that I was incapable of the most basic things. Meditation has been my savior and my greatest joy. I don’t know how I would have ended up here if it were not for my spiritual practices and meditation. It is a vital essential for me and something that has been a godsend in many many ways. Practicing meditation every day for over a year now has had tremendous benefits. At one point, I couldn’t even get out of bed most days. I was overwhelmed with emotion and fear and everything else, but I pushed through and made little bits of progress every day, and while I do struggle a lot of the time, I feel I am healing more and more every day. 

I put on hold a lot of projects in order to follow my passion. I have stopped the angel tarot deck for now. I do hope to start back up later in the year. I also stopped the comic book work and the comic strips. There were a few other things I started that were also put on hold. 

I am working on several new ways of divination now, as well as quick and easy projects. I am getting so much done because a lot of my day is not taken up with posting blog posts and spending so much time on the Internet using social networking sites. It feels good not to push myself too hard while also getting things done in a manner that is fun and easy. 

I think I was having a major identity crisis when I was working on the comic strips.  I changed streams from one extreme to the other when I started that project and I was just not ready vibrationally to make that move. I realized that while trying to attach an identity or character image to each angel, I actually blocked my connection to them. I was trying to fit a preconception of mine onto the Angels and it didn’t work. Angels are multidimensional and will look different to everybody. Trying to make a comic book character out of each one actually stopped me from experiencing their true nature. 

I’ve read from several sources that when things feel like an uphill battle for so long it is because you are not going towards your greatest soul purpose. If you are struggling for seemingly no reason, it is probably because you are not following your higher self and who you truly are within. It can be difficult to see what is right in front of you if you have been going in one direction for so long. I took stock and looked at all I was working on and all I was doing and really had a good think and meditation and gave myself some readings and I realized that I had to slow down in order to make progress. I had to work on other things that brought me energy rather than drained me when I worked on them. Projects that came to me easily and through meditation became easy to implement and will hopefully have some good outcomes. Beating myself up and trying to force an outcome never works and I am realizing that more and more. 

I am still connecting with the Angels, I am just not forcing my interpretation on them anymore.
I hope this has helped in some way. Sometimes I wonder if I make sense at all when I write these things. I don’t know if this interests any of you or if you read the whole thing, but it is nice to put my thoughts somewhere other than in my head. 

Have a great week and I will try to get some readings up in a day or two and hopefully my coloring book proof will get here too. 

Tim E. Bush

2 thoughts on “Touching Base and My Work Ease

  1. Tim, i got your oracle cards and I LOVE them!!! they are beautiful and i’m so glad i finally ordered them from you. I have used them in a few readings and mentioned you and your card and website in my video on how i do readings. Thank you again.
    Suzanne Bertolas


    1. Thank you Suzanne. That makes me feel great. I am so glad they finally got there. I’m glad you like them. It is good to hear that someone has been helped by them. I love to hear when someone enjoys my work. 🙂


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