Reading For 5/12/16 Cleromancy Tokens and Lots

I am doing a Cleromancy reading today to give insight for the coming few days. I know some of you may not believe in this stuff, but it is fun for me and there are countless amounts of people who “know” this psychic stuff is for real. I do believe it works and I do believe there will be some form of scientific proof within the next few years that this sort of thing has truth to it. Think Quantum Physics and the research that is being done in this area.

Anyhow, on to the reading. Cleromancy is a form of divination just like “throwing lots” mentioned throughout the Bible and used by countless cultures throughout the years. I made some 3D computer models and had them printed out in order to give readings from (for sale). I have some more on order in different shapes and colors. I am also using a couple of crystals, a pebble, a penny, a six sided die, as well as a rune die with 24 sides (one rune on each side that someone on made). I also have a sketch of a mat that I made to throw the items onto.

I feel there are intuitive insights that are coming in the future. It may be from someone unexpected that may come in a package that is unconventional. It may be indicated specifically for this reading here, but could be form someone elses in the future. This is pretty much an unconventional way of giving readings, but rest easy, there is more at hand than it may seem. There are definite interpretations that make logical sense with this type of reading. I feel that even though the insight you receive may be unheard of, or seem unusual, there is still a true warmth and honesty that comes from it.

There may be a “psychic cleansing” of sorts where you clear away and cleanse the old junk that collects in your energy field. Old thoughts, misbeliefs, worries, struggles, pains, etc may be cleaned out from your life soon. This can also indicate the need for some ‘psychic hygiene’. This can be done with various methods. Sage smoke seems to be the most popular form of cleaning psychic debris.It feels like someone in your life may have been sending you negative energy or perhaps you just picked up the ‘junk’ from the world around you. Maybe you watched some television news or media and it negatively impacted you. Now is a good time to do some spring cleaning in this area, as well as the house you may live in or a work area. Having clutter around you can add to any negative vibes you have attached to you. I don’t know how some people can live in a messy environment. Think about it- if you are constantly seeing disarray around you, how do you think that affects the subconscious who only pays attention to the subtleties around you. It sends a message to your spirit that maybe you aren’t aware of. So spend some time cleaning and going over the things in your life that no longer work.

There may be a new birth around you- something just starting that is the most important part of your life, if not now, soon. Maybe this is your first time having a baby and maybe you are just starting out on some new venture. It is indicated to simplify and focus on the main task at hand. If you are focused on too many things at once, your energy becomes scattered and all over the place. You are only one person and sometimes all you can handle is one thing at a time. Maybe you are just starting out and moving out onto your own like a child first moving away from home. Maybe you are thinking of being single and are unsure what to do. Maybe you have a new creative project that is percolating behind the scenes. Maybe you are starting your first job or realizing that your life is going to be brand new soon. This all indicates the need to take things slow and focus in on one thing at a time. You can’t do everything on your own and you can’t be the only one to live your life with. Sometimes you have to allow others to help you, especially in times of need and when starting a new aspect of your life.

Some of you may feel caught in a situation where you want to speak your mind about how you feel. Maybe you want to speak up to an authoritarian person in your life. Maybe you have just felt abused or taken for granted for too long. You may feel you need to hide your true feelings in order to be accepted as a “loving person” when in reality the guy at the grocery store just slammed into your cart and yelled at you. Something like that. Maybe you have just heard enough of some topic or thing that bothers you. Either way, you are probably trying to stifle your true thoughts. Sometimes you just have to speak your mind and get things off your chest in order to reach a conclusion. Sometimes it is  a loving thing to do to let someone know you are unsatisfied. It certainly does not do any good to feel trapped by someone else’s bad energy or situation.

Know that you are safe if you speak your mind and let the world know what you are going through. If you have a message to bring the world and it burns inside you to get out, the world needs to know this and needs you to add your light to it. So many times someone will have a strong inner connection to some message that will turn the world around but are too afraid to speak their mind and let the world see that there are better ways to do things. Maybe you have been thinking about starting a blog or some sort of speaking event or something where you speak up about a topic that is important to a lot of people. Maybe you have a unique way of looking at the world and need to get things off of your chest. It is strongly urging you to make plans to speak your mind and start that blog, start that YouTube channel, start letting others around you know what something means to you. You’ll never be happy hiding your true feelings about some cause or aspect of your life. Even if you feel you will hurt someone’s feelings, it is best to let others know what cards you are holding from them or what you are holding against someone. Think about how they would feel if they found out you were keeping a huge secret for 30 or 40 years and find out that all along they have been duped and tricked into thinking something is a certain way when it truly is not.

You have to feel the positive in the negative in order to end up where you want to be- healed and loved. Even though things may have been trying for some time, there is more coming out of those trying situations than you could know. Sometimes the positive attributes to a difficult situation are not known to you for 10-20 years. Just know that there is a hidden blessing for you if you let others know what you are going through. Don’t worry about trying to be super loving or super sensitive to others’ needs. Sometimes life makes you angry and you have to let. It. out. You would do more harm to yourself holding onto a difficult secret than coming out with it. If others say they don’t want to be with you because of a way you are, then they truly do not love you wholeheartedly because they probably are not seeing your true self. Think about it- do you want someone to love you for who you are or for a lie you keep telling them. I keep feeling it is time to be authentic and do the true things you want to do without any regard to “what others might think of you”- especially if what you want to do is something that is good for you and the world. Don’t let one person block a message that can help thousands.

It feels like you are growing up or turning into someone who is more mature or more humbled. Things are sprouting around you and just like springtime here in the U.S, you are learning new things and experiencing new joys especially related to your life’s purpose and what you truly love to do. It is indicated again that it is a new birth cycle in your life. Things are looking up in the work/career aspect of your life and business is booming in its own way. Some of you may have just had success with a small or large venture and you may feel you have overcome the difficulties from the past. This will allow you to truly speak your mind and come from a place of authenticity. Again, don’t fake how you feel- truly speak up about a situation that may be blocking you, even if you have to do it tactfully. Of course there will be people who object, but if you are not being authentic and honest, it will block you tremendously.

Be grounded in knowing you are safe and protected from any negativity, especially if you call on angelic support. Archangel Michael,  or any higher being that you have faith in and have felt a kinship for, can help you overcome any fears or nervousness. There truly is a support system for you if you just call upon it. God does not want to see you struggle, hiding your true self to others. God loves every aspect of you and wants to help you feel safe enough to speak up for yourself and have healthy relationships. Pray for his help to support you in being authentic and don’t worry about bothering God or feeling that you are not worthy of having your true self known.

If you are grounded in negativity, you will not have the positive outcome you want. And putting negativity into a positive situation does not help you realize the good outcome you want or desire. You cannot be grounded in negativity and have the outcome you want. Yes, things may be difficult and things may be tough, but don’t let negative feelings or emotions hold you back from being your true self.

It may feel as though no one has your back or that you are going against it all alone, but you truly have the support of heaven and you can call on God and the Angels to bring you a positive outcome for all involved. Things don’t have to stay a mess, but if you clean it up, just know that you are doing God’s work. Sorry to mention the “G” name so much, but there is definitely more going on behind the scenes than what is tangible and that is the best word I know to use for now.

You may have felt burned by the world or have been through the fire so to speak, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. The people from your past or the people from your present who have hurt you didn’t really see all the repercussions in their actions and didn’t know what they were doing, but there is hope for a positive outcome. Just because something bad happened in the past, doesn’t mean it will happen again.

Know that you are safe in speaking your mind and letting the world know how you feel.

Thanks for reading.

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