Abstracted Reading for 5/14/16

Today, I decided to use my self published oracle card deck, “Abstracted Divination”. I have not used this hardly as much as I have wanted and I often feel a bit shy about it. That is one  thing for me to work on- shyness. Anyhow, onto the reading.



I am pulling four cards, 3 that represent situation, advice, and what you may be missing; with one off hand for the outcome.

For the situation, I got the “enjoy nature” card. It is a beautiful spring day where I am and it feels much nicer going out on a day like this than being stuck in the house. Even though there is not as much nature around as you may like, you can always buy some houseplants. If you are not very good at maintaining plants, there are a lot of varieties that are very good for people who are not used to caring for plants. Maybe you can just buy some fresh flowers or spruce up your environment. Spring cleaning style. It feels like a good day and a good day to spend some quality time outdoors. Maybe you are planning on a vacation or some sort of break from the mundane. Today is positive for an outing or just planning an outing. It is indicated that it would be good to think outside of the norm and at least daydream and meditate about your wishes.

I feel like you stand out in your own right and are a very independent person, someone who is sure and confident about themselves, even proud of who they are.

The second card is “A Restful Retreat is needed” so this echoes the first card and urges you to take a break from work if you tend to be an overachiever like me. It is the weekend and it is springtime in the northern hemisphere. The weather is not too intense and allows for some new perspectives from the old mundane that you may have gotten used to. A perfect weekend reading to have for those of us who don’t have to work on the weekends. If you do have to work this weekend, take time to evaluate whether you are in the right field or if you really enjoy what you are doing. Think about what brings you joy and at least plan time off from work today.

So our advice card and situation card are pretty much the same. Take time away from the hustle and bustle and take a break, relax, and enjoy the day or two you may have off. Kick your shoes off and relax, leaving all worries at the door.

The final card  is “fast-paced-Quick”  and is telling us what we may be missing. This card reminds us that time passes quickly and goes by faster than we can imagine. It feels like a warning telling us not to get too caught up in the whirlwind of activity that is around us. Take time to slow down and take a break. The vacation season comes and goes faster than we may think.

I also get the sense that lately, things may have been happening rather quickly. Maybe you are making progress faster than you have for the past few years. I know I have finished three or so projects in the span of a month whereas before, I would still be spinning my wheels on one project for a year or more. Now is the time to take stock of your achievements and congratulate yourself for any successes you have had recently.

The first two cards really signify the growing season. Spring comes up really strongly and it seems like now is the absolute perfect time to spend outdoors, in nature, gardening or just relaxing. Enjoy some water ice or spend time at a pool if that is your style. Just live a little and don’t worry so much about achieving success. Any success you may want is really just you wanting to enjoy your life and have fun. Do so now before it passes by too quickly.

The outcome card is “You will find your answer in the night sky”. This always makes me feel dreams are possible and that there is a vast universe out there with many secrets we just can’t know right now. There is opportunity for you to really have a connection to something deeper and and meaningful while taking time to appreciate the beauty that is around you and your recent accomplishments and to dump all that excess negative energy.

Take stock of all that you have done and all that you are going towards and be sure to feel sure about your decisions and life path. Have fun as that is the main outcome we all really truly want in the end.

I hope this helps in some way. This is a general reading, so the cards reflected the most obvious thing that many of us may be overlooking. A time to break from the fast paced world  of hustle and bustle is at hand for many. Be sure to enjoy your life; not just work towards some future goal that may seem too far away to attain. Time taken out for fun will pay dividends  in your “work” life later. It will give you the motivation to achieve what you want and give you perspective about why you may be focusing toward certain goals. Now is the time to  break.


Thanks for reading my reading,

Tim E Bush


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