3d printed Cleromancy Reading for the Week of 5/16/16


Here is the reading for the week 5/16/16 from my Cleromancy tokens set.

The timing may be off for your spiritual pursuits. It seems there is some blockage to your goals spiritually. Maybe the laundromat couldn’t clean your dress shirt or perhaps you are having difficulties with someone you know- either way some degree of difficulty is being had that is blocking you from feeling spiritually productive. Maybe you or someone you know is caught in trying to be “right” or wanting to always have the last word. What is near to you in terms of what you are dealing with is looking upwards towards spirit in order to have a better grasp on intuition.You are seeing someone feminine as an idol of some sorts and this can block your  spiritual pursuits as well. Maybe there is some star  out there who you try to emulate and you are always feeling like you will never be good enough. Stop that now  and realize that what you have to offer is  unique to you and you alone. No one else can bring the gifts you are meant to bring. Try to be unique and realize that it is your unique quirks that make what you have to give something more than anyone else can supply.

You may feel blocked from a goal or like someone is out to get you if you follow your inner promptings. realize that you have undergone a huge perspective shift and are seeing things differently. They want you to know that you are safe and protected from even the most negative self beliefs. Your transition from one point of view to another may have been intense, but there is safety in trying something new. If you fail, at least you learned what not to do, or maybe figured out a better way to do things for later.

City life or the hustle and bustle of life is a phase that we all go through. When you are younger, you want things to come fast, fast, fast, and when you grow up you realize it is better not to chase a goal too quickly. It may take more time to develop and grow than you had planned, but that is life. It sometimes takes years to reach a goal that you want in minutes. But if you keep heading in the direction of things you love and are good at, you will eventually get there and have all you wanted, but more.

“Things are looking up on the Homefront” is what I hear now. You have to be proud of the house you live in and any repairs or order you have recently put into it. There may be some agreements reached between you and the person/people you live with. Maybe there is a new fresh understanding of the people you are with that was not there before. I get the feeling of waking up feeling refreshed and realizing that any petty differences you have with someone can be totally ignored or any insult or negative energy you had about someone will be a thing of the past. You feel a renewed sense of passion and understanding of others in your life.

You may have felt overwhelmed  with the “attack” energy you perceived around you, but there is something there to be gleaned and learned from and is really not as bad as you may have perceived. It is this sort of thing that spiritually developing people go through- where they think that everything and every part of life before was not “good” or worth their time. Everything is seen from a puerile perspective where you think if it is not high and holy, it is not worth and worthy.

You are being guided not to take things so seriously or high and mighty and to relax and release any grip you had on trying to be “perfect”. Let’s face it- we’ve all done things we are not proud of, but that doesn’t mean that was totally reprehensible, never to be forgiven. The key is not to beat yourself up for feeling bad about something you thought was the “worst” thing a person could do. We all make mistakes and we all learn through difficulties.

The main undertone I get from the reading is trying to stay grounded in the light. If you are looking for spiritual truths and enlightenment of some sort, realize that not everything has to be all about the light. You don’t have to dismiss who you were, before any shift you have undertaken, to be a better person. Not everything that you may think is bad is really all that bad. There is the feeling that if you want to be enlightened, you have to do everything perfect and in the light, but that is never true. If God made everything and God is perfect, then any “mistakes” you made were things you had to experience to lead you to where you want to be. If you learned a lesson from it, it was not a total loss.

It is the mistakes in life that hone us into the beings we want to be.

I feel you have made some smart decisions recently in terms  of how you want to speak to others or get your message across. I feel like there is some buildup of energy for your career goals and life purpose. It feels like you may have gotten a new job or made some better decisions on how to make money or to improve your workflow. It feels better than before and you can use this progress to supplement your spiritual practice. Maybe you started or  opened a new shop that sells new age jewelry or new age tools and supplies. Maybe you are a doctor who found a  new way to heal your patients. Maybe you are starting your career as a card reader or something like that. There is success to be had  from your recent career goals.

You’re a fully grown spiritual being with lots in front of you so don’t feel discouraged if you are not totally grounded in spirituality. It takes time to become a person you can be proud of and to figure out all the work you want to do. Ideas come and go and come and go, but  if you are not fully grounded before you take  action, things can fly off the handle and become too much to bear. Just realize your success is at hand and your growth is coming soon. Be proud of how far you have gotten with your life and look towards the future, knowing that you are headed where  you want to be.


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