Cleromancy Reading Using 3D Printed “Tokens”

I am using the 3D model printouts that I made and had printed from in order to give readings. I am still learning the ins and outs of it as I go, but it is super fun and I love seeing my 3D models come to life and actually be usable and work well. I should have some more “tokens” for sale later today (shown below). I am still trying to decide if that is the right word for these things- tokens.

Cleromancy kind of works the same way you would think tea leaf readings do- you have to interpret the random ways objects ( or leaves) fall. Card readers have to interpret images in relation to the question at hand, Cleromancy readers have to interpret the ways objects fall. It is the same muscle, but different clothes.  I want to try and write-up an explanation on how to divine using these tokens. I have plans to at least write a series of blog posts detailing the meanings and use of these tokens. It is fun to ‘read’ this way and even if you don’t want to read with them, they might still look good on a small shelf of some sort.

I am using a mat that I sketched out. I am trying to figure out the best mat to use for these and I am still experimenting with different layouts and ideas. This is the trial and error thing I mentioned previously. I have to figure out what works and fine tune everything and maybe I will have some mats for sale at some point. I have done some other mat board work recently, so stay tuned for something like this soon.

Here are some photos of the new ones I just received. imageimage

Three of them are different colors of the same models I received previously. 4 are new models that I have not tried before. One is too large (the purple one) and I have to resize it. The one at the end is clear and doesn’t photograph well. I was trying to see what a new material would look like. Shapeways has all sorts of materials from gold to steel to plastic and acrylic. All of the tokens I bought, except for  the clear one are the cheapest material shapeways offers. It is something between plastic and maybe some sort of grainy material. They hold up pretty well, but try not to get them dirty. They are tough to clean.

I wanted to get a reading done with them later today, so stay tuned for my next post. This is a new frontier for divination and I am happy to be the pioneer.


Tim Edwin B.