Abstracted Coloring Book Quick Color

Cover abs color volume 1 small
Available at Amazon


I did a little coloring in my new coloring book, “Abstracted Coloring” available on Amazon.

It was fun and gives me a new perspective on what my art means. Allowing others to color my work feels like a fun way to experience the joys of making art for others. Participation is fun and I can’t wait to see what all of you do with it. It is only $6.49 for now. I think that is a fair price for what you get- 29 images to color with blank pages on the back.

I happened to have some professional art crayons that are perfect for coloring. They seem like adult crayons, just right for an adult coloring book. Think about what you can use with this unique  book that was a joy to make.



Available at Amazon
Available at amazon