One Way to Do 3D Printed Cleromancy Readings

Cleromancy (divination with lots or throwing small items in front of you) is a tool that has been a part of humanity since its inception. I’d imagine cave people sitting around a fire with small items they collected, trying to make sense of it. Major decisions were made with this form of divination.

It has been a part of just about every tribal civilization and religious practice, including Christianity. This is nothing new, but we are living in a digital age and so digital means are possible for taking the ancient art of Cleromancy and updating it for modern times.

I have recently been creating 3D prints of mini sculptures I made in a 3D modeling app on my iPad in order to give readings. I had so much fun with it and I realized that there is just not enough about it out there, that I decided to try and explain as I go the meanings and use of some of the items I am making.




Depending on the way one of these small items face, a different meaning or interpretation is possible. The shape and form of an object can carry its own meaning. So for instance, the object above is facing towards the reader and seems to be pointing in a certain direction. Maybe you can interpret this as someone pointing blame or accusing you of something. Maybe it can mean look over your shoulder to see who is betraying you or trying to pull one over on you. The shape of the object is nebulous and uncertain so that carries weight in its interpretation. Maybe something is confusing or strange in its own way or in the way someone looks at you. There are various interpratations and within each reading, there will be a new way to look at it.

Say for instance someone asked about finances. The image above can be interpreted as something coming up  behind them, asking to take their money away or something happening in cooler months in the future that will allow for a new look on finances. Maybe the person being read for needs to take some more responsibility for their financial decisions.

Color is another thing to take into consideration when reading from an item like this. The blue in this one can literally mean something cool or cold, or can be interpreted as something that is “cool” or interesting. Everyone will have their own way of viewing each object or item used.

Shown from another angle, it can have differing meanings and interpretations.





In the above image of the same token, you may see it as pointing away from you -the reader. Perhaps it is pointing at another object that was thrown with it. Perhaps the querent (the person the reading is for) is the one blaming someone else. Perhaps you can interpret the shape as a shark. Maybe someone has been in the ocean lately and was worried about or had an altercation with a shark. Maybe this person had a fear of sharks for a long time and is just now seeing things differently about the ocean or marine life in general.

Maybe you see a submarine in the shape or a thorn or something nebulous and confusing. Every time you look at it when tuning in, you will interpret it in a new way. Each reading will be unique and as you speak the reading out loud or write it down, you will go back and forth looking at one item in particular, interpreting it, then the surrounding items, and each time you come back to each item, you will see it differently. A new connotation for each situation is what reading is all about.

It is the nature of reading things intutively to come from a different angle each time you speak of an image or object. Giving readings in themselves can be fairly nebulous and confusing and trying to put into words how it all works can be difficult.





The same object in a different color can take on completely different meanings. The above image is printed from the same 3D model, but in a different color. Black can be seen a a negative situation or attributing factor. While I was using the above, since it is so black and dark, I couldn’t attribute any other meaning to it but negativity. I had trouble making out any details and it always felt like deceit or just a nebulous dark energy. When I had it printed out in blue, I felt it represented safety. A completely opposite translation. Everyone will have their own relationship with each item.

You develop a sort of understanding or relationship with each item that is unique to you as you learn and grow and figure out how to read this way.

When one token lands on another token, it can signify an interaction with or meaning that involves  both items. So, not only are you interpreting the meanings of items, but their interactions with other items as well. Below, you will see tokens that have come to mean to me love (obviously) and communication and travel.



This can represent the querent speaking more lovingly or communicating in a more loving way. The travel, communication token (the red one) seems to be getting nestled  into the pure loving token (the white one) and this can be interpreted as getting comfortable with loving values and ideas. This may also have the interpretation that maybe the querent needs to go on a date or maybe implies finding love in unusual places. Either way, the interaction between items has their own layer of interpretation inherent in Cleromancy reading.


I hope this clarifies some of the aspects of  this form of reading. If you are interested in getting some of these tokens for your own use, they are available as prints on in my shop there.

Tim Edwin Bush.