New Products Coming Soon- Help Me Out if You Can

Lately, I have been working on a tarot deck that is all abstract in style. Some surrealism peaks in and makes itself present. There is only so far an abstraction can go in interpreting the RWS tarot while still retaining the original intentions. It has been fun and I am enjoying the process. I have inked about half of the deck and scanned just about that half and colored some of it.

I seem to have hit a temporary wall and I hope to break through it soon. I was doing 5-10 drawings a day for about a week or two. It seems it will be a fun deck to use, but I am burning out and I don’t know how popular it will be. It feels fun and I do enjoy it.

I have a rune set that I made images for, coming to me on Monday. It will be for sale soon. I have a board set with dice that will be ready for me to add the final box art soon. A sample will be here on Monday as well. There are a lot of ideas and projects that are coming together now and I feel excited about it, but I am a bit nervous, wondering if anyone will be there to enjoy them.

To put all this effort into something without knowing if it will pay off is something that I am nervous about. I know the projects work and have value and I know I can at least use them for readings for others, but I am at a loss on how to provoke others into understanding this as well.

I am practicing giving readings now daily and it is entertaining, I feel I am starting to gain ground in my reading skills more-so every day. I have been at this quest for a while and I can see some headway making room for me.

My question is- will any of this pay off?

I have tried to get buyers and I have tried to get supporters and perhaps this is why I don’t seem to get a ton of that. Maybe I come off as needy or aggressive in my approach. Maybe I am not as visible as I need to be. Maybe blogging is not enough to get my messages across. Maybe it has just not had enough time to develop, or perhaps is just the wrong timing. Maybe I need even more practice to hone my skills and really feel comfortable with it. Either way, I am feeling like it may be an uphill battle for a while.

Perhaps some magical outcome will make itself known. Perhaps some fluke of a chance will happen for me. Perhaps a friend or stranger will tweet something about my work and it will catch on. But for me, I know I am on the path that I am meant to be on. I am enjoying my work and feeling like I have something to say. I feel more comfortable with my message and what I am bringing across. I feel more confident about my process and what I am working on.


I hope you all will help out any way you can. Buy a product, share an item, comment on a post, let me know you are out there so I know I am not talking to a blank screen.


Tim E. B.