In The Upcoming Months On

Finally! I have finished inking all 78 cards of my slightly abstracted tarot deck. I started out thinking I would make it completely abstract and weird, but the more I worked on it, the more the original Rider Waite Smith images seeped into my style. So it ended up being somewhere between abstraction, surrealism, and the original RWS tarot.

I am well on my way to coloring the full deck, but it may take an additional month to get it all done right. I do tend to work in quick spurts and get loads done at one time, though I procrastinate from time to time. 

In other news, I am almost done the inking process for Volume 2 of “Abstracted Coloring.” I should have this at least finished inking by the end of the week, if everything goes as planned. 

I have done some work on some divination boards as well so there should be some more things available for sale in the coming months. I am working on a lot of different things at once and I sort of want to get them all finished around the same time and then slowly introduce them one by one. 

The first thing to be released next will be the coloring book because it is fairly easy to put together. It should be noted that at the back of the coloring books, there are a number of blank pages that will allow you to test pens, pencils, markers, crayons, and draw your own images if you feel inspired to make your own images. You can also use the blank pages for notes and numbers all without ruining any of the images. 

It has been a productive year for me so far and I like that a lot. I have been having fun making video readings and I am now offering video readings to anyone interested. I updated my readings page, so take a look and see if anything strikes your fancy. I am doing angel card readings, tarot readings, and Cleromancy readings. All at reasonable prices, either email or private YouTube video readings. 

I want to try to get daily YouTube readings up, but I am quickly learning to pace myself and to take time to work on projects on the side. This blogging venture has been fun to take part in and I am glad I finally feel like I am making progress with getting things done. 

I hope to get to work on my comic book projects that I started last year later on, but I wanted to get the things I mentioned done first. I am finally able to finish things quickly. 
Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my YouTube page. If you like video readings, you might enjoy subscribing there. 
Tim E. Bush