Abstracted Coloring Volume 2 Coming Soon



Here is the cover art for volume 2 of Abstracted Coloring. I hope to have it ready for sale within a week. My birthday is on the 22nd so it will be a nice treat for me to see it up for sale on my special day.

I spent about 1 month or so working on the side while also working on my almost abstract tarot card deck. There are 9 more drawings in this than the first, so 38 pages with ink drawings.

The back side of every page is blank so that no image is ruined when working on them. There are 5 or 6 blank pages in the back of the book to allow for drawing tool testing and for notes. If you feel inspired, you can draw some of your own images in the back.

Stay tuned for updates.




Here is the link for Volume 1 (the one before the image above.)