Angel Guidance For Wealth – A Book by a Fellow Blogger

Hi everyone.

I was contacted by a fellow blogger named Natasha House. Her blog is called Natasha She wrote a short book recently with channeled wisdom from the Angels. I enjoyed reading it and took her up on her offer for her blog post. Her book is short, but with enough angelic goodness to warrant a purchase.

Here is her quick blog post about her book.


The World is Fascinated by Angels
And why shouldn’t we be?
Angels have been a mystery that the known world cannot explain.
I began a journal a couple months back, during my meditations. Nothing too special about that, right?
Well, in this journal, I asked the angels for guidance about wealth. As a result, I put the guidance together and formed my new book: Angel Guidance for Wealth.
I was thrilled and excited to share this with people. Here is a sample of guidance I received.

Angel Chamuel
Everyday hold a picture in your heart of what you desire. Not the absence of that which you desire, but see yourself living with it, holding it, and walking in it. When you pull that which you desire into your heart, and let love flood you, it will start coming toward you at a higher rate. I know it feels slow at times—but the more you pull it toward your heart and believe you have it, it will come rushing toward you at a higher paced rate. Believing is the key to prosperity in your life. I know you’ve heard that before. I know you’ve heard that you need to try affirmations, and while affirmations have many good traits, you must also hold the picture inside of you that says—I have it. Some may scoff at your living-it-right-now attitude, but pay them no attention.
You can read more if you follow this link to my brand new book:
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Natasha House…


Check out her book and stop by her site. Thanks Natasha for offering this blog post.

Tim E.B.


Disclaimer- Natasha offered to make this post in promotion of her book. I was not paid for this and I did read her free (at the time) e-book