New Coloring Book and Free Books For Birthday Celebration

In order to help celebrate my birthday, today, Wednesday, I am putting my first comic book, Angel Messages of Light, on sale for free download for 5 days. So check out the page on Amazon and get a free copy if you are interested. The book is also available for free to subscribers to Kindle Unlimited from now on.

Another coloring book is being released today as well. Abstracted Coloring Volume 2 should be available by the end of the day.. I anticipate everything looking good, so I am announcing it now. I will post a link as soon as I can.

If you feel like supporting me and my work and want to give me a good birthday gift, please check out my books and think of getting a copy for yourself.


I will most likely not be posting another reading this week. I know I said I would get three up this week, but I want to take some time to celebrate my birthday.