Prints Coming Soon! And Tarot Deck Process

The process I am using for making my Almost Abstract RWS Tarot is-

  • Do 3-10 ink drawings almost daily for a week or so
  • At the end of the week/weeks, scan in a bunch of them
  • Transfer all of the scanned images into my iPad drawing app
  • Add a rough layin of color and edit the scanned cards
  • Do more ink sketches
  • Scan
  • Do this until all 78 cards are scanned and have a rough layin of color
  • Go over each image, fine tuning the color and making sure everything is. “In the lines”
  • Do another round of color editing and correcting
  • Edit cards into the card template for the printer
  • Upload finished cards
  • Repeat until finished

I am just about totally finished all of the cards and more than half are uploaded and ready for printing. I am guessing it will take another few weeks before the whole deck is ready to be printed.

Some other things I am going to have printed for testing are

  • Flower Essence/Crysal therapy Board
  • Divination by the Dice Divination Board
  • Divination by the Top Divination Board
  • Rune Set (may or may not work)
  • Yes/No/Maybe card deck

I hope to have enough money to at least get test prints for proofing and somehow get money to run a large print run for most, if not all items.

I have other card decks and projects started that will take some time to complete. I have been very busy these past few months and I hope to get the rewards for doing it all soon. I want to print all of these at the same time to save on shipping costs and I hope to use them all on my YouTube channel. I have not been as vocal on this site for a while because I have been super busy. It is one of the downfalls of the creative process to have difficulty finishing projects. That has been a block of mine for a while and I am glad to be getting somewhere with it.  I can’t wait to share these decks and readings with you all.

I hope you are having a wonderful season wherever you are. thanks for staying tuned and I look forward to more posts. 🙂


Tim E. Bush