Almost Abstract RWS Coming Soon to TheGameCrafter

After several months of drawing, scanning, and coloring, my first finished tarot deck is nearly finished and ready for sale. Just a few more tweaks and adjustments and some artwork for the store page and blog, and the deck will be ready for ordering.

I am almost completely satisfied with the proofs. There are only a few cards where the colors were off and a few that I had to update, but they look good and work great.

My only complaint was that the edges of the cards are really rough for about the first ten or twenty shuffles. They have smoothed down some and I am used to them. If I get enough complaints about edges, I will try to find another publisher, but I am fairly used to TGC.

The deck will come in two sizes- jumbo and U.S games size. The game sized cards are slightly smaller than poker cards. There is a box that comes with the jumbo sized cards, but there will not be any box with the smaller version. I wanted to get a smaller version deck to save cost and no box also cuts down on cost. Besides, the publisher doesn’t offer a box for the smaller cards.

Here are some photos of the deck- both large and small sizes.

They will be available for sale in two weeks or less.