Weekly Reading For October 10-16 2016 and update.

Here is the reading for the coming week. I apologize for the poor setup and poor lighting. I will work on getting a better setup. This week is all about overcoming blocks and difficulties related to our goals and ambitions. We are asked to stop beating up on ourselves and not worry so much about other people’s respect.

I am still trying to figure out what to do with this website. I don’t like how there are a bunch of different topics. I want to separate all of my different interests into separate sites or channels, but it always seems like too big a job to keep up with, so I end up just posting everything here. It feels inconsistent. I have changed direction so many times and I want to settle into one thing, but sometimes I can be impulsive.

I started a Facebook page to hold all of my posts on oracles and divination in general. On the new Facebook page, I want to focus in on only oracles and readings. I want to post about all of my projects that I have been working on. I am coming up with many more divination projects still. I seem to constantly come up with new ideas and that can be a real trouble for me because my energy gets spread out over so many things.

If you want to follow along with all my divination projects, the Facebook page called “Oracles of Delphia” should keep you up to date with all of that.

Here again is the YouTube video embedded into the website. Some of you may not see it in your email if you are following this blog through email, but it is linked up at the top of all of the posts.