My New Flower Essence Divination Board-What To Use To Help Healing



I have been using a form of healing that has had tremendous effects on me for years. In attempts to heal myself and overcome any illnesses, I feel I make progress every day even if I don’t push myself as much as I used to. I was overdoing a lot of things before.

I haven’t had much luck with sales and I figure it is because I am always too busy making things or just indulging in things unrelated to business. (Stay with me, I explain)  I always had a distaste and dislike for business in general. More like a despising, extremely angry thought pattern about businesses, especially with some of the more exhaustive approaches big businesses sometimes employ.

For a long time, I would face my intense hatred for advertisements everywhere and a constant barrage of them everywhere. It definitely affects a person’s mood and well-being. Luckily, there are streaming video services that allow me to bypass advertising more largely than was possible in the past.

I realized by not having to hear or see ads all the time, just how negatively they affected me. Those advertisements for medications, particularly mental health medications, made me feel like dying. Such harsh tactics to try and get people to feel ill and then tell  them that side effects are our only recourse for difficult emotions. I felt without a doubt that ads like that were causing epidemics in just about every area advertised.

But the things and practices that help me to heal and feel better the most are more esoteric or new age (whatever that is), and are way less invasive or negative than anything on a tv commercial.

Flower essences and meditation and mindfulness and not forcing myself too much have been major in my quest for remission. Some medication is still necessary for the time being, but there has been a lot of progress in that area for me.

I have created and used a flower essence divination board, not to be too pluggy, and I can’t believe how helpful and accurate it is. I have been using my board for several months, and I will post a video about it soon if I have the time. If you don’t know what flower essences are, or how they work, I’d like to try to explain them somehow.

Flower essences are derived from actual flowers. Some sort of gentle process is done to extract the essence of well over a hundred different types of flowers and they all carry a different energy to them that is, in fact, very healing to the user.

The essences are stored and kept and when a mixture is needed, are watered down and filled in a dosage bottle with either vegetable glycerin or brandy as a preservative and activator. The taste can admittedly take some getting used to, but the benefits are worth it. When the essences are ready and prepared, you will be using them for several weeks, four drops at a time under the tongue. The bottles come with a dropper lid that you drop under the tongue and let sit there for up to a minute and then swallow. The recommendation is to do this four times a day, spread throughout the day. The essences work on an energetic level and can change how you view or think of things. It is unclear exactly what makes a flower derived essence affect a person’s healing, but somehow, it works; and it works really well.

After the bottle is empty or you feel the need for them has had its effects, you may notice changes in your thinking or how you feel about things. You may feel calmer and more relaxed each time you drop your essences under your tongue. The accumulated effect over time will bring healing to any area you need it, given the correct essences from the correct flowers.

I feel the energy of the flowers and the effects they have right away. There is just some sort of feeling that is unexplainable but undeniable. There is no question in my mind the effectiveness of this method. Little hang-ups I used to have about things or self defeating thought processes are melted away, leaving me able to live life without the edge and without the fear or lower moods that were unbearable beforehand. This method of healing, along with traditional healing methods (doctors and medicine) and a better diet have had such enormous results, it would be a tragedy not to try to get this method out to people.

As someone who worked with a flower essence therapist for years, and subsequently being unable to afford more sessions, I decided I still needed the benefits of the essences. I meditated and thought about it for months, and finally, an idea popped in my head to create a divination board to figure out which essences I needed at any particular time.

I poured through the flower essence website, and made a list of the different types of flowers available. I tried to find other sources and places to research which types of flowers could be used as essences. No other site had anything close to the availability and selection FES has. I am in no way affiliated with FES, nor have ever been in the past, other than as a loyal enthusiast and customer.

After creating a handwritten list to try out the effectiveness of my idea, I tried it out, ordered my essences and after the three or so weeks of taking them, I was sure that I was onto something. I went right ahead and got to work on a printworthy board and after about a month or so, I had printable artwork for a finished board. I uploaded it to my printer and got a demo version, which I then used for several more months, even helping my sister through her pregnancy with them.

I sent a copy to my old therapist and, awaiting review, she seems to have enjoyed it. I was blown away at the effect it had on me and I can’t wait to get people to try it out and see for themselves how effective properly divined flower essences can be.

I went back and forth with whether I really wanted to put this up for sale, even though the original intention was to make something not only I would use. I wanted to make something that would benefit a lot of people. I had my doubts and wondered what kind of kooky person people would mistake me for, but at last, I decided it was time to at least list it for sale on my printer’s website and see what happens.

If you are looking for a new supplement to any healing process you are going through, or are a professional flower essence therapist, I’d highly recommend this board as it was a labor of love to create and its effectiveness for me is incredible. On the back of this flower essence board, I created another divination board for crystals. ( More about crystals later. )

As it goes, the availability of some crystals may have you going all over town or the webs to find each specific crystal, but hunting down the right crystals for your situation may have tremendous benefits as well. But don’t worry, the flower essences seem to be readily available whenever you may need them.

Check out the listing on TGC here.