Site Update and Weekly Tarot Reading For October 17-23 2016

Here is the weekly reading for the coming week of October 17-23 2016

I hope you all like the new website design. It is simple but effective and gets rid of a lot of the extraneous things that slowed the site down. will now focus mainly on my art and divination projects and articles about both.

My poetry blog will hold all of my future poems from now on. I have been putting new poems up every day, so if you followed this site for the poetry, I hope you will hop aboard the poetry blog because that is where I will post them.

Angel Messages of Light, my comic strip and graphic novel series is on hold and may at some point have its own site. Right now, there is a Facebook page dedicated solely to the Angel Mestsages of Light series. I have been getting images and ideas about where I might take it, but it seems like I need to do some more research and development before I commit to it full time.

As for the art, I will most likely only post processes and finished works of art for the time being. It helps me work when I am able to focus on the job at hand rather than documenting the whole process. If you want to see process photos, I will only post on instagram and the Oracles Of Delphia Facebook page, but most likely not every day.

I will probably not post to this site every day, I think I want to use it more for a landing page and a place to hold information about my work and projects. I want to upgrade the site and get some more resources out there at some point in the future.

I’ll keep going with this site for a while, but again, it will mostly be a landing page for my work rather than a daily updated site. I am branching out and I want to get videos on YouTube more often and I want to have more time to do stuff I like to do.

Thanks for following along and please check out my other pages.

Tim E. Bush