Abstracted Divination


Abstracted Divination



Abstracted Divination is an oracle card deck that I made based on my abstract digital painting series featured on this blog. It holds many insights and will help you delve a little deeper into the problems facing you. It is a great aid for figuring out if you are on the right path in life.

Many of the paintings are energetically intense and full of in your face intuition. Tune in with flair with the intense colors and abstract artwork.

Meditating on abstract art can lead to an instant connection with your intuition. Because   abstract art has no real connection to reality, a card reader is able to use their barebones intuition without all the extra input from already understood imagery. In other words, you won’t be bogged down with trying to associate something you already know with something you want to figure out.




Enjoy your intuitive practice with lots of fun while using these fresh and intense abstract paintings.



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