Minor Healing Oracle




Minor Healing Oracle





The minor Healing Oracle is a great way to tap in and tune in to higher wisdom. You can use it for giving intuitive readings and for personal inner reflection. This deck is great as an aid for journaling and tuning into what is needed in the moment.

Most cards reflect a minor circumstance in your day. Use these cards as a friend that talks to you about your day to day living. This deck is for the minor questions in your life and acts as an add-on to decks which focus on the BIG things in life.

Oracle cards are a form of divination that holds its own set of meanings and purpose. They are similar to tarot cards in the fact that you can use them to divine your future and look into things with your intuition. This deck is a lot easier to use than a tarot deck because it deals only with the minor things in your life that need healing.



This deck is available now on thegamecrafter.com I plan on purchasing a large order of these decks to sell from this site or on etsy. This deck has been featured on my blog for a while now and has gone through many stages. It is now in the ‘Final production’ stage and I am very happy with the results. Please let me know if you have any questions or insights about your use of this deck. Please share and post on social media.


Order yours at thegamecrafter.com

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