I am offering readings for anyone interested in my services.

Here is a list of my current offerings.


Angel Card Readings

  • 10-20 minute VIDEO reading (youtube private video) —— $30


Tarot Readings

  • 10-20 minute VIDEO reading (youtube private video)—- $30


Cleromancy Reading (Throwing lots/dice)

  • 10-20 minute VIDEO reading (Private YouTube video)— $30


Self Published Card Readings

  • 10-20 minute VIDEO reading—————–$30


Use the email form below to contact me and let me know what type of reading you want and what your question is. I will send a paypal invoice and as soon as payment goes through, I will work on the reading. I am ONLY taking paypal payments at this time. No other forms of payment accepted. I may offer my services on Etsy at some point.


All of the readings at this time are private YouTube videos that will only be viewable by y0u (I will email the link)

Angel card readings will be done with Doreen Virtue decks.

Tarot card readings will be done with the tarot deck that feels most appropriate based on your questions.

My self published oracle readings will be done with card decks that I made/make myself.

Cleromancy readings will be done with the form of cleromancy that feels the most appropriate at the time (runes/cleromancy tokens that I made/Lenormand dice/tarot dice)


Questions for readings can be in the form of career/job , love/romance, life goals/life purpose, personal development questions , or anything else you are curious about and want more information on. I don’t take any questions about criminal cases or end of life care.

I am am not a professional lawyer, Doctor, counselor/therapist/psychiatrist , career coach but I feel I have a close connection to spirit and a deep understanding and knowledge about divination.