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Arrow Runes









Divination By The Dice- Flower Essence And Crystal Therapy Divination Board








 Tarot- Almost Abstract RWS Tarot Card Deck- Jumbo and Small








Latest Oracle Video








Angel Messages of Light is a series of comic books and comic strips that are about Angels. I made daily comic strips for a while as well as a short comic book. This compilation of all or almost all of the comic strips I did spans the first attempts to some of the more recent comic strips.  You can see my style develop and grow as you read along.



Abstracted Coloring Books


Cover abs color volume 1 smallimage

Abstracted Coloring is a series of abstract ink sketches put into a coloring book  form for everyone to spend a little quiet time relaxing and de-stressing. Coloring books are known to have meditative qualities and  allow you to tap into a childlike frame  of mind.

Book A Reading




I am giving intutive readings now using oracle cards, tarot cards and cleromancy systems. I have an angel card reader certificate from Doreen Virtue and a mediumship certificate from Doreen Virtue. I have been giving readings for several years and finally feel ready to offer services for those who are interested.

Oracle Card Decks




Abstracted Divination and Minor Healing Oracle are two card decks that I have put together intuitively over several years. Both of these decks are fun and easy to use. I spent quite a  while getting these card decks into a form that really works for me so they function in a great way. You can see these decks being used  on my YouTube channel and  order a copy of your own.

 Cleromancy Tokens



Cleromancy is one of the oldest forms of divination. I am updating this classic form of divination using modern techniques and materials. I created 3D models and printed them out in order to divine with. Cleromancy uses small found or made objects that are thrown into an area in front of the reader. Using intutive interpretations of the  objects and tuning in psychically readers are able to divine many answers.

Each object holds significant meaning for each person. Use your own interpretation of each object and how they lay and interpret them your own way. You can even draw a divination mat to throw them onto (printed boards coming soon).

 Angel Messages Of Light




Available on:




Angel Messages of Light is a short comic book and my first comic book. It introduces the Angels and  speaks from their point of view about what we mean to the Angels. I channeled this book and learned the  comic book craft and style while creating it.

Zazzle Store



I have many Angel and abstract and animal items with my artwork on them. From wrapping paper to mugs and tshirts, all kinds of great merchandise is available for order.

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